Welcome to 1000mg Games!

Hello, I’m James Glover. In early 2014, I launched this studio to design, develop, and publish the kind of games I enjoy playing. My creative process is fueled by a fervent imagination, and tempered by a desire to offer quality entertainment.

Previously, I assisted Post World Games with a few product lines:

Protocol Game Series 1 and 2
Solomon Guild: A Gallery of Rogues Part I
Toolcards: Fantasy
GMZero Game Series

In 2016, I released Acts of Liberty.

In 2018, I published The House on Orchard Lane Backer Survey Guide.

In 2019, I promoted an Indiegogo fundraiser for The House on Orchard Lane.

In 2020, I released The House on Orchard Lane: Public Alpha.

I support the $1 Game idea that an hour-long trpg for 2-4 players shouldn’t cost a lot.

My games are available on Amazon Kindle for Fire Tablet and Kindle Reading Apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Follow me on Twitter or email me at 1000mggames (at) Gmail (dot) com.

© copyright 2016-2022 James Glover and 1000mg Games. Protocol, Solomon Guild: A Gallery of Rogues Part I, Toolcards: Fantasy, and GMZero copyright Post World Games. All rights reserved.

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