$1 Game

$1 Game is an imprint for my rules-light tabletop roleplaying games. It shouldn’t cost a lot to play a fun, quality game. $1 Games feature Prototype Gen 2, a gamebook system that 2-4 players use to explore stories of conflict, intrigue, and romance.

The inaugural title Industrial Accident is in predevelopment now, along with a few others that are being considered for publication:

  • The Drain
  • Golden Ticket
  • Knuckle Crackers
  • Puppet Regime
  • Speak of The Dead
  • And More…

Check back for other $1 Game news, updates, and player resources.

* Additional materials like six-sided dice, a deck of playing cards, a few pens to write with, and the printed character sheets are required to play $1 Games.

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