$1 Game

$1 Game is an imprint for my rules-light tabletop roleplaying games. It shouldn’t cost a lot to play a fun, quality game. $1 Games feature Prototype Gen 2, a gamebook system that 2-4 players use to explore stories of conflict, intrigue, and romance.

The inaugural title Industrial Accident is in predevelopment now, with a few others:

  • The Drain
  • Golden Ticket
  • Knuckle Crackers
  • Puppet Regime
  • Speak of The Dead
  • And More…

Each game includes the rules, eight different character roles, gameplay examples, and worldbuilding content the players use to define and explore storytelling landscapes.

The goal is about 15 pages per game. A few other materials like six-sided dice, a deck of playing cards, pens to write with, and printed character sheets are required for play.

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