I’m happy to announce my Indiegogo fundraiser for The House on Orchard Lane has successfully launched and is funding now.

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The project is just beginning its crowd-sourced development phase where backers can suggest ideas that might possibly appear in the game.

In addition, the project will try to secure funding for talented commissioned artwork.

It’s an exciting time as the project has been in development since July 2018. And also because the fundraiser format is a testbed foundation for future game development.

I’ll be making tweaks and changes along the way to adjust for scale and theme, but it will be based on my Indiegogo variant layout. Thank you, Indiegogo!

A press release would be customary at some point, however, I don’t want the content and feature descriptions to interfere with the fundraiser. Plus, it’s a work-in-progress.

Marketing is focused on a solid, yet spam-sensitive promotion during the fundraiser and after depending on if InDemand requirements are met. The game will land at Amazon for the Kindle so there will continue to be product promotions.

And yes. The switch from Kickstarter to Indiegogo.

I’ll have to get into that at a later time. For now, I have a fundraiser to attend.

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On 18 October 2013, I created the first files for The House on Orchard Lane. It was just a seed of an idea at that point. A title, in fact. I had planned to roll over work from another horror game called Evidence Locker, which was about murder weapons in police custody.

As I studied themes and influences, I translated the game titles into Chinese. This marked the beginning of my combat genre product category that produced two strong contenders: Evidence Locker and AI: Awake.


Somewhere around this time, the Nightmare Escape brand was dreamed up. It became clear to me that the story had to include a house as a character. Players would use their characters to attack and destroy the home of evil and those who seek its dark comforts.


Fast forward to July 2018. I returned to my “Halloween game” product. It would play like a slasher flick. Friday the 13th movies were a major influence, along with Halloween and Hellraiser, and others. Oh my.

I saw potential in visceral tabletop horror rpgs and remembered thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice to play a game that sandboxed a slaughterhouse?”


Soon, I’ll be launching a Kickstarter to raise funds for The House on Orchard Lane, the “Halloween game” that I finally got back to. It’s the project I’m working on.

I released an early look picture of the above title art on Twitter. Now I’m announcing it here for my followers:

The countdown to launch clock for The House on Orchard Lane Kickstarter has started.

Closing out old news, our G+ community has been shuttered. Welcome to everyone who made the jump to this site or Twitter. It also looks like Google URL shortener will cease soon. If any links break let me know. I’ll be using Bitly from here on out.

Stay tuned for more details and a roasted, full-bodied update.

© copyright 2019 James Glover and 1000mg Games. All rights reserved.