Q4 2017 Update

Wow. It’s been a minute since my last confession, er post. So long in fact that WP has made some significant changes to the layout for basic service folks such as myself. One of the things that I’ve done over the past few months was think about making a financial commitment and moving up to a Personal or Premium plan. Maybe after my next game.

Which brings me to…

The Next Game

My next game sits squarely at the top of my list. While the demands of Real Life™ keep me occupied, on most days I manage to push forward in some way on that subject. The short answer is, I’m working on a new title now, but it won’t be finished before the end of the year. The product looks really solid. I’m just not ready to do the teaser thing yet.

I can confirm that it will be several times larger than Acts of Liberty.

Where Did The Year Go?

After production on AoL wrapped in February, I had planned to take a month off to rest, and then load up my schedule with new game candidates. Looking back, my plans were overly ambitious.

In March I worked on two different Prototype series titles: one was planned for a fall release, a “Halloween game.” The second would be released early next year.

April made room for a stand-alone game I fell in love with that was to be completed by summer. Somehow.

In May I scheduled myself to write the Kickstarter for a new series title that utilized a one page system, inspired by Craig Cartmell’s Dead Simple rules. This was abandoned.

In June I worked on Prototype Gen 2, and two new titles that would employ those rules.

July was my down time. I organized files and prioritized my catalog.

August was when I made the move to Scribus from Apache Open Office Writer. To practice, I worked on layouts for no less than three new games.

Fonts, titles, intros. Wash, rinse, repeat.

In September I worked on yet another game in Scribus.

October saw me picking up where I left off on my Halloween title that I started in back in May. I wasn’t going to make that Kickstarter launch date.

By November, I had selected my new game system and had solid templates in Scribus.

What’s Ahead?

I’ve been in production on the same title for about a month, which is a really good sign. Like I said, I feel good about it. Also an artist has caught my eye. She’s outstanding. I’ll contact her after I hit the first playtest milestone. But first I need to write more pages.

I may very well be on a two year development cycle per game. Which is fine by me.

Stay safe and enjoy the holidays. I’ll see you next year.

Copyright © 2017 James Glover and 1000mg Games. All rights reserved.

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