Acts of Liberty Released


Company: 1000mg Games

Contact: James Glover

The 2016 Release of Acts of Liberty

1000mg Games has announced the release of Acts of Liberty, a new roleplaying game using the Prototype System. Acts of Liberty is a story roleplaying game for 2-4 players that takes place in an alternate history. Over the course of four acts, each player assumes the dual role of both suspect and witness as they take turns revealing evidence and building testimonies in an interactive environment.

Cast as both suspect and witness, the players are caught in the crossfire of a democratic movement and an existential threat that seeks to undermine the promise of freedom during the waning days of a pre-Constitutional America. In the uncertain days before ratification, Loyalists, anti-Federalists, and profiteers are reporting their own neighbors for a few coins. Accused of crimes against the state, the players now stand before the Council, a rogue judicial syndicate.

Using the included world blueprint charts, players collaborate or go it alone to combine archetype story elements such as characters, terrains, incursions, and judgments with dozens of descriptors and over 150 interrogatives. No two story elements are alike. 

Inspired by the classic kishōtenketsu narrative structure, the Prototype System relegates conflict resolution to the periphery, and explores the contrast of unique story elements, narrative-bending twists, and dramatic conclusions. All you need to play is a deck of playing cards and a few tokens.

Acts of Liberty is the first game to utilize the Prototype System, with more planned for release in 2017.

Copyright © 2016 James Glover and 1000mg Games. All rights reserved.

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